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Before the Dive


Your regular open water SCUBA gear is also used for the cavern dive, with a few modifications.  Your guide will be using full cave diving equipment, which includes two of just about everything - two tanks, two regulators, and other backup gear and specialized items. All of this gear adds an extra level of security in case of a problem on the dive.


It is important that you streamline your gear as much as possible - no dangling gauges to tangle in the line or drag on the bottom.

Mask, fins, BCD, regulator - standard recreational equipment is fine.
Snorkel - remove your snorkel completely.
Wetsuit - cenotes are colder than the ocean, usually around 25°C  Full length suit is recommended, at least 5 - 7 mm, or a full 3 mm and shorty.
Gauges/computers - all of your gauges need to be clipped or secured close to your body in some fashion - and your octopus as well.
Gloves - no gloves are allowed.
Lights - will be provided at the start of the dive.


You will be assembling your equipment at the dive site before walking down to the cenote entrance. Check everything after you have assembled your gear - it's much easier to deal with an equipment issue in the parking lot than after you´ve gotten in the water. Once in the water, we will perform these checks:

Properly weighted - you will likely use less weight than in the ocean.
Regulators - ensure both second stages are functioning properly by taking a few breaths with each of them underwater.
Bubbles - each diver  will be checked visually front and back for air leaks.