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The Dive Plan


Gas (air) management during a cavern or cave dive is done differently than in open water. Here, we use the "Rule of Thirds". One third of your available air supply is used going in, one third coming out, and one third remains as reserve. Your guide will not be asking you how much air you have during the dive - it is your responsibility to notify your guide when you have used 1/3 of your air using the 2/3 hand signal (see communication). 

When any diver in the group reaches 2/3, the dive will be either turned around, or continued to the end of the line in the case of a circuit dive where the team is past the halfway point.


In the overhead environment, the team will usually be following a permanent cavern line that starts and ends in open water. The  line designates the route you will follow. You may see other lines departing from your line - these are usually cave lines that may be permanent, or temporary personal lines in place for a cave team deeper into the system.    DO NOT tamper with any line inside the cavern or depart from the route your guide is leading you on.


During a cavern dive, the "buddy system" used in open water does not apply. In these more restricted spaces, the team is organized one after the other, in a line. Your guide is at the front, and the team members will placed in order of experience - 1-2-3-4 - with the most experienced diver at the back in position 4.